‘’We Must Provide Added Value with the Collected Waste in Our Country’’

We are a member of Turkey's first authorized organization regarding recycling of packaging waste, ÇEVKO, which documented that 563,554 tons of packaging waste has been recycled through its 2019 activities.

Mete İmer, General Secretary of the ÇEVKO Foundation, who stated that with the Covid-19 outbreak, the interest in packaged products in particular has increased. ''We are going through a time of worldwide struggle. In this period, consumers rightfully have preferred packaged products. At such a time when the amount of packaging waste tends to increase, we should consider our environment as well the economy while paying attention to our health.''

As GCA, we support the activities carried out by the Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recycling Foundation (ÇEVKO), based on our sensitivity regarding environmental protection and packaging waste.

Glass packaging helps reduce landfills and saves raw materials thanks to its ability to be recycled endlessly. Recycle your glass packaging for a greener environment.


About ÇEVKO:

ÇEVKO Foundation is a non-profit foundation established with the initiative of 14 leading industrial companies in our country on date November 1991 in order to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recycling system with the contribution and participation of local management and consumers for the economic and regular recycling of packing wastes in Turkey.