Lapis Yapı


The address of quality and trust since 1948…

Lapis Yapı is an immovable property investment and development company operating within the body of Gürok Group. Established in 1948 it developed and constructed of the Group’s investments until 2010, when it started operating in the immovable property business.

The completed projects of Lapis Yapı include numerous outstanding projects on 2 million sqm of land, a 370,000 sqm construction area including the world-famous Ali Bey Resort Hotels, LAV glassware factories, and various housing and school constructions.

Lapis Yapı has successfully completed several projects since its beginnings. In a short time, it has risen to take a well-deserved place in the Turkish immovable property and construction business.

The Company still maintains its trustworthy position, gained by focusing on professionalism and high quality, as part of the well-established Gürok tradition.

Lapis Yapı was named “World’s Best Office Developer, Europe and Turkey” by International Property Awards, and became the first and only Turkish company to receive the award.

Lapis Yapı aims to carry out the best projects in the most optimal locations. It works by the principles of developing sustainable, nature-conscious, ageless and technologically advanced construction.


Carries the heritage of the past into the future…

We live on lands which have hosted several civilizations for millennia, characterized by different architectural movements and styles. This architectural richness shapes the living spaces of cultures, artists and artisans on one hand, and on the other proves that they made their plans with an eye toward the following centuries.

  • Awareness

Lapis Yapı is aware that its responsibilities are not limited to meeting contemporary requirements and aesthetic concerns. It considers that in fulfilling its duties, respect for nature and an environmentally friendly approach is a social responsibility towards today’s and future world. This is the reason the mission of Lapis Yapı offers these four concepts: Contemporary, Aesthetic, Scientific and Environmentally Friendly…


Modern life requires programming the living and working spaces of modern individuals in accordance with the era’s requirements. It is all entrepreneurs’ responsibility to meet ever-changing requirements and lifestyles in a rational and creative way while making their plans. Lapis Yapı considers this basic responsibility a must; moreover, the company determines its vision not only from a contemporary perspective, but also in consideration of future requirements. Gürok takes responsibility for fulfilling its customers’ dreams for their living and working spaces in its projects.


A part of the rooted Gürok Group tradition, Lapis Yapı, maintains its reliable position which is obtained from the approach that places great importance on professionalism and quality.

Lapis Yapı has been awarded Lapis Han Project in International Property Awards and became the first and only Turkish company to win the award “The World, Europe and Turkey’s Best Office Developer” in 2013-2014.

Operating in the Real Estate Investment and Development Sector, Lapis Yapı aims to make the best quality projects in the best locations. Lapis Yapı has also adopted the principle of developing sustainable, nature conscious, future-oriented and technological infrastructure.


Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts is composed of three facilities: Ali Bey Club Manavgat, Ali Bey Park Manavgat and Ali Bey Resort Sorgun.

The key to our success is our sense of family and a bond tightly knit by communication, cooperation and love among its members.

All company members from employees, senior managers to owners, are tied to a single purpose: Constantly improving and providing the best possible service for our guests. To this end, Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts facilities strives to excel in serving our guests.