Corporate Approach


Gürok Group values and utilizes the experience dating back to centuries ago in the geography to which its very existence is indebted. The self-confidence of the Group is derived from the corporate principles adopted in more than half a century with elaboration and diligence.


Thanks to the self-confidence derived from the strong corporate structure and experiences, the Group pursues and realizes technological and sociocultural developments. The Group does its best to preserve the positive effects of the implemented innovative approaches for the purposes of supporting its manufacturing phase and employees.


The Group pays due diligence to ensure honest, trustworthy and transparent relationships with its affiliates, directors and employees. Ethical values are also strictly implemented to the relationships established between associates and customers.


The Group listens to and empathizes with its customers and takes their suggestions into consideration in all fields to reply and provide solutions swiftly. We emphasize customer satisfaction under any circumstances while quality and high standards are maintained for all products and services provided.


The Group pays strict attention to work effectively and actively, and its strong corporate experience and contemporary innovative approach ensure maximum efficiency level with minimum power consumption.


The Group acts in accordance with the highest standards during the manufacturing and development phase of products and services, and regardless of how tough the conditions are, the highest quality and efficient results are essential for the company.


Gürok is aware of its responsibility towards customers, associates, society and environment at all levels, including directors and employees. The Group cares to implement this awareness in internal relations to ensure that the production phase is successful and the targets are accomplished.


Gürok engineers long-term objectives and sustainable goals for the concept of management, enterprise and manufacturing. It is essential for the Group to accomplish permanent and sustainable success under any circumstances.


Gürok Group is aware that the world is a legacy left by past generations. It is our duty to hand over the world to future generations as cleanest, healthiest and greenest as possible even by recovering existing damages. Therefore, all works are carried out in a structuring and transforming approach friendly to environment following permanent and value adding approaches.

Gürok Group carries on following approaches for a sustainable environment:

  • Reducing the amount of waste created in the process of manufacturing,
  • Using energy effectively and efficiently,
  • Reducing waste to a minimum level and implementing recycling.

Gürok is aware of its responsibility towards Turkish people and from the global point of view, to the humanity. The Group deems adding value to humanity and society, contributing in the development process and leading the development as its key purpose. Accordingly, the Group leads and supports education, research and development studies, personal and social development services and aid campaigns at several and different levels.


Quality to Gürok Group means to reach highest standards for the products and services provided to the final consumer, as well as to achieve the best in HR, equipment, project and communication processes.

Accordingly, the Group carefully selects professional directors and employees; provides them with the best conditions in terms of producing with efficiency and creativity in a safe occupational environment. As a matter of fact the products and services offered to customers under these circumstances shall be of top quality.


The concept of entrepreneurship can be defined as gathering labor, capital and nature together to design, organize production phases as a manufacturing factor as well as assuming all risks within. Dealing with trade for more than half a century, Gürok Group organized its structure in accordance with foregoing definition and ensured the implementation of this approach all along the Group. New ideas and views from within or outside the Company are supported and assessed. Ability, courage, knowledge and innovative spirit are the vital components of Group’s entrepreneurship approach.